Become affiliated with us

Become affiliated with us

Affiliate marketing is about earning a commission by promoting the products of other companies or people. Find the product you want, promote it to others and get a share of the profits for every sale you make.

When you think about online advertising, you are most likely to think about paid advertising. Paid search, also known as pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising, is one of the most effective and common online advertisements.

For an Affiliate (sometimes called a publisher), Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation implies that you will have to work with HamsterSchool and advertisers to increase the earnings from your email databases and websites. It will include promotional material for advertisers on their websites and newsletters. Click to enter

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Does your business need telemarketing leads? Subscriptions to your newsletters? Or would you like to generate Tracking Requests? Generates lots of quality leads with us.


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