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Online advertising is one of the most dominant tools for businesses of all sizes to expand their audience reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams. With so many options offered by PPC and paid social networks for online advertising and in-app ads, online advertising can be daunting for newcomers, but this is not necessarily the case. HamsterSchool makes online advertising very easy, and we are in the business of helping our partners grow their business by capitalizing on paid search power and paid social advertising.

With Hamsterschool, you can smile again by increasing the traffic and activities of visitors on your gaming site and readers of your newsletter can earn you money. Whether it’s clicks, leads, or transactions, you can make lots of money and have fun doing it. Take a courageous step today, join and maximize your profits.


If you want to participate in online advertising, Hamsterschool is the right partner. Hamsterschool is a leading online marketing and performance leader for many advertisers. Our rates are based on our results. Start with affiliate marketing. Access our extensive international network and pay only for results.

  • 3 Jobs
  • 200MB Resume Storage
  • 25 daily searches
  • 7 Jobs
  • 400MB Resume Storage
  • 50 daily searches
  • 11 Jobs
  • 1GB Resume Storage
  • 75 daily searches
  • 20 Jobs
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  • 95 daily searches

We specialize in promoting gaming sites

While there are different ways to promote an online casino, affiliate marketing has deserved its status of the most effective. Of course SEO, PPC, media advertising, exhibitions and other offline activities should also be part of the bigger strategy (after all diversity always increases your chances of success) — but if we compare investments and outcome, affiliate marketing often wins the ROI competition. Let’s have a deeper insight into who affiliates are, what benefits they bring to an online gaming business, and how you can make the best use of affiliate partnerships.

Affiliate websites have one thing in common: they all contain really useful information, such as gaming guides, bonus codes and online casino rankings, so they attract users who search for the best casino to play at, the top online pokies and slot games and actually do play after following the link.

Does your site need telemarketing leads? Subscriptions to your newsletters? Or would you like to generate Tracking Requests? Generates lots of quality leads with us.


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